Monday, July 30, 2007

Just a Few Things I find Annoying

  1. Dog poop in my yard. And I don't own a dog.
  2. Pregnant women smoking ... need I say more?
  • People out for a walk and talking on their cell phone. Instead of the bumper sticker, "hang up and drive", I just might make one that says, "hang up and enjoy nature." (Yeah, it could use a more clever catch phrase.) :)
  • Ill-fitting underwear.
  • Moving the sprinklers all day long. Enough already of the drought of '07.

  • That's all for today. What do you find annoying? By the way, I'm really not grumpy today. :) Especially after seeing this picture on

    Thursday, July 26, 2007

    Back from Vacay

    Kids & Sunsets - nothing better.

    Moms on playground equipment - just not right.
    We are back from camping & my washing machine hasn't stopped running since Tues. afternoon. (Hence, the delay in posting camping pics Brenda.) We had the best time and the kids and adults all got along swimmingly. We decided to set up the "party tent" for the kids with Barbies, Polly Pockets, Leapsters, Coloring books, and a ton of markers. Between the tent & going to the beach every day, I started asking my girls every night when we laid them down for bed, "how was your day today?" Seriously... we never saw them. (Maddie and Ellie - YOU ROCK!) I read four books, (only one was not considered a "beach book") got a great tan, smoked the boys every night playing cards with my card shark friend Steph, and ate way too much food. Gorp, monster cookies, bun bars, & vander heide cheese have somehow all combined forces to tighten my shorts. :) Back to reality ... and frickin' portion control.

    Most asked question while camping: "What time is it?"
    Immediately answered by everyone, "I have no idea."
    The word to describe the air & our beds in the pop-ups: "Moist". I know, that word kind of grosses me out too! :)
    The girls.

    The Party Tent

    Good tan, bad hair.

    Jeff's solution to Zach breaking his glass coffee pot.

    Except for family pics that Steph took, this is the only picture of Jeff after a week's vacation. I, apparently, am NOT the picture taker in the family. Sorry hon. You looked great all week however.

    Tuesday, July 24, 2007

    This Entry is for Jamie, aka, MiniMe Mom

    I don't care what you say,
    my Mary Jane Crocs look
    sassy on me every day!

    Saturday, July 14, 2007

    Vamos Camping!

    The difference between dressing for camping and any other day of the year:
    You hold up a shirt or pair of shorts and say, "yep, this is old, out of style, and slightly stained ... LET'S WEAR IT!" See you later. If you are out in Pentwater this week look for me ... I'll be the tan lady with bad hair! :)

    Update on my mom: She had a completely blocked right coronary artery and needed three stints put in. (That is the extent of the medical jargon I know.) She came home after a couple day stay at the Meijer Heart Center and fortunately, the heart muscle didn't suffer any damage. She has to take some medications and will also have to have cardiac rehab. Thanks for your prayers.

    Thursday, July 12, 2007

    It's a Boy

    Congratulations to my sister Deb and her husband Daniel on the birth of their third child, Owen David this morning! That makes nine grandsons and six grandaughters for the Pettinga clan. It's strange that out of five sisters, I am the only one that has two girls. Paige & Zoey will have to represent sisterly love.

    While we were praying for Deb's labor and delivery, we got another call that my mom was heading to the hospital with some tightness in her chest. She is scheduled for a heart cath. today to see what is going on. I would appreciate your prayers for my mom. Thanks.

    Tuesday, July 10, 2007

    Top Ten Things I couldn't live without: (not always in this particular order on any given day.)

    1. God's Grace
    2. Diet Coke
    3. My super capacity washing machine
    4. Spray 'n' Wash
    5. The love of my husband and kids
    6. Girlfriends
    7. Books - The Bible & books that vary from humorous to non-fiction. (And some categorized as "Beach Books.") :)
    8. Exercise
    9. Two large laundry hampers. (One for whites & one for darks. It saves me time by not having to sort and yep, everyone's trained how to sort ... even the three year old boy. I am little concerned that 3/10 of things I can't live without involve laundry. Sad, but true to life.)
    10. And finally, after this hot stretch of weather - AIR CONDITIONING.

    Friday, July 06, 2007