Monday, July 31, 2006


While my husband Jeff was out mowing the grass he found FOUR yes, four baby toads in our lawn. He thought it would be fun to show the girls and so he kept bringing them one by one to Zoey. She decided they needed a "home" and so she got a Cool Whip container to put them in. Being somewhat humane (after dropping them several times from her waist high), she let two go and then took two inside . (Where was I you ask? I do not know.) About 20 minutes later we heard the battle cry that a toad "escaped". Did I mention that they were "baby" sized? :( So far, no toad. Minutes before the "toad incident", we saved a baby cardinal who had fallen in our window well and couldn't fly out. Mama Cardinal was screeching at us and we just kept yelling up to the tree, "we are trying to help your baby!" "Please don't poke our eyeballs out!" Baby made it safely out after getting scooped up in a bucket. Then while watching t.v. last night we heard distinct scratching inside one of our walls. Hello little mousey! Welcome to Animal Kingdom. Enjoy your stay.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

We survived the "big blow"

I swear that is what they are calling it ... at least the funny t-shirts they had printed after the big storm Monday called it the "big blow". We survived 80 mph winds and being evacuated to a senior citizen center in downtown Pentwater! After "the storm", we did have some great beach days, read some good books, ate way too much food including monster cookies & Vander Heide cheese, played cards for hours, and even got a little deep while sitting around the campfire. What a great time and what great friends we have in the Te Slaa's. Even though they live way out in Jenison and we don't get together as often as we like, we still can pick right up where we left off. The kids played so wonderfully together too; Paige & Maddie and Zoey & Ellie were bosom buddies the whole week.

I suppose I should keep this a secret but I just love camping at Pentwater. Small campground, a short walk to the beach, cute boutiques and shops, sand dunes to entertain the kids, and ice cream shops within walking distance. Who could ask for anything more?

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Camping with the Te Slaa's

The kids (minus napping Josie) having a
little color time during a rain shower.

Our humble home away from home.
By the way, I think the dictionary defines pop-up campers as "humble"! :)

These pictures were taken last year at the annual Guikema/Te Slaa camping trip. We had such a great time last year - the weather was great, the kids had so much fun, and everyone got along perfectly. We are hoping for a repeat! Pray for us to have a positive attitude even in the heat & humidity. One positive about the high temps. we have been having lately, the lake should definitely be a lot warmer than last year.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Summertime Projects

We are "project" people. Let's face it, when you buy two older homes you have to be. Jeff let the girls get into the action by painting the first coat of the back of the shed. (Don't worry, we didn't leave it, we do have neighbors!) Actually, it did turn out kind of cute.

I have decided that I only like to blog when I have a cute picture to go with it. Can anyone else relate?

I think my grass was saying "ahhhhhh" last night when it was raining. I know I was because now I don't have to drag around the hose & sprinklers. Jeff has got in the habit of calling me from work and telling me that he turned the sprinklers on so could I, "keep it going". I think I'm getting the short end of this stick ... I mean how hard is it to start something and then leave for work? :)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy 4th everyone! Jeff and Paige walked in the big Cascade parade this morning so I thought I would post some pictures. Aren't I on the ball? :) The rest of the family waited patiently (about 45 minutes after the start - oh my) and got to see the Y Adventure Guides go by and rake in all the candy. Hope everyone had a great Independence Day. And by the way, I spent less than 50 bucks total at IKEA this weekend. A new record low for me ... I did find a new bed frame I want but it couldn't fit in the mini-van with six ladies and all our bags. Detroit IKEA - look out - I am coming!