Monday, February 21, 2011


Definition of endear: To make dear or precious.

  1. My mom, whose voice catches every time she says goodbye to me on the phone. Every time. It doesn't matter if she is in town or on vacation.
  2. My daughter Paige being the activities director on a snow day. Everyone needs a Paige. The extent of my parenting so far today has been making pancakes. That's it. 
  3. My kids choosing to watch, "Worst Cooks in America" over all other shows. They may be budding kitchen stars or really mean food critics someday. It's a coin toss. 
  4. Watching my daughter Zoey throw some elbows around on the soccer field. That may not be endearing to you but boy do I get a kick out of it!
  5. Recorder concerts. I'm a sucker for a good rendition of Hot Cross Buns.
  6. Zach blushing and still running into my arms when he is embarrassed. Yesterday he tripped over a huge playground ball in front of his cousins and I opened up my arms to the sprinting, red-faced little man.
  7. Teachers who love what they do & make your kids eager to go to school every day.
  8. Nephews and nieces who still want to hang out with their old aunt.
  9. My little Sunday school kids. They're a little rowdy in the winter months but they sure are cute.
  10. Waking up to hand written notes from my husband.