Sunday, December 30, 2007

Let Me Entertain You

My kids are in social over-drive. Our week has included 3 Christmas parties, going downtown to ice-skate with our cousins, going to see the movie "Alvin & the Chipmunks", going sledding at the neighborhood hill, and playing at least two board games each and every day. (The kids got five for Christmas and while we are a family that likes to play games, let me just say --- I am gamed out.) Poor Zach has done a lot of self-entertaining while the rest of us play Uno Attack, Operation, Clue, Doodle Cranium, etc. The house is finally starting to resemble a house again and less like the "place where Christmas threw up". :) My family celebrated on the 27th as we awaited the arrival of one of my sisters home from her trip to her in-laws in Canada and right before another sister headed to Mexico to visit her in-laws. We're such an internationally diverse family. :) (I guess one of my brother-in-laws is named Juan but goes by Daniel and is entirely Caucasian. If you call that diversity, then we got it baby!) My parents once again spoiled us with wonderful stockings stuffed with goodies and many great presents. As I look around my house & at my life, I am feeling extremely blessed. Which is a great feeling to have as we head into another January in Michigan. ;)

This is the best picture of my parents together. Check out the bow on my dad's forehead.

My goofy and lovable niece Mya. Cute girl, scary picture.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

These are a Few of my Favorite Things ... and People

Clean kids from their heads to their toes. (And hooded towels.)

Santa Claus/Bill
& Mrs. Claus/Jan

My husband and kids

Great Grandma Pettinga's Banket
And the University of Michigan. (Need I say more?)

Friday, December 21, 2007

One Wild Week

Moms: We made it to Friday. The Christmas parties at each one of our kids' schools are over, the shopping is close to being done, and the cookies are baked. I raise my slice of Costco pizza to you tonight as I watch a movie and veg. out!

Wild & Wacky moments at our house this week:
  1. I hear a huge crash. I ask Jeff, "what was that?" He says, "nothing." Paige looks across the house and yells, "the Christmas tree just fell over." I'm left with some broken ornaments, spilled water (darn live tree), and some concern over my husband's hearing.

  2. Making cookies with my sisters and mom yesterday at our house. With my hands full of corn-flake green wreaths, frosting, peanut butter, etc., all the cousins yell upstairs, "Tyler is hurt. He's bleeding everywhere." Grandpa runs downstairs, Tyler's mom (my sister Cindy) runs down, I run down. A couples hour later Tyler returns from the E.R. with seven stitches and blood all over his pink t-shirt that reads, "TOUGH GUYS WEAR PINK!" (I guess he wore the right shirt to the E.R.!)

One more picture of rafia for Dana (homemade caramel corn this time) & a couple pictures of a game called 'Stuff the Santa' which we did in Zoey's class today. (Thanks Jeff for letting us use your scrubs!) Love

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

French Pedi & Mani

This weekend we had three Christmas parties and so I thought I would ask my sister Julie if she wouldn't mind giving me another french manicure and pedicure. Since she's so sweet & giving, she said yes. However, I think she needs to work on the flip-flops she gives her "clients" when they leave her house. These two flip-flops were the only two she could find in her closet! :)The final result. (Don't my toes look like they're screaming to be free?) After nails, hair, makeup, nylons, high heels, jewelry, a dress, and a push up bra ... may I just say, I wish I was a man. What do they need for a night out? A suit. That's pretty much it.

Monday, December 17, 2007

It's Gift Giving Time

Yep, I'm one of those moms. The kind of mom that puts together a homemade gift for every person that volunteers or works with her kids. This year was one of my favorite gifts I have ever put together. I bought holiday mint foot scrub and lotion ($1/each at Target) and paired it with a pair of fuzzy slipper socks (three pack on sale at Costco for $7.50). A very nice florist hooked me up with small clear bags and only wanted a "thank you" as her payment. I made a homemade card and tied a little raffia bow to finish it off. Grand total for this gift: $4.50. I also make homemade strawberry jam every year and put it in decorative jars and add a cheesy card that says, "thanks for teaching my little berry." Homemade caramel corn is also always a hit. I know, I know... I hate moms like me too. :)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Scary Picture, Cute Cakes

Have I mentioned that my sister Julie is a whiz with frosting? :)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Friends are Fabulous

This weekend was our annual friends get-away to Chicago. Love the hotel, love time away from my beautiful kids, love shopping downtown, love our dear friends. Sorry to our traveling and room buddies Mark & Steph who were still getting ready when we were snapping pictures. Let me just say, they looked hot! :) It was great to hang out with Nick, college buddy of the Calvin boys and Chicago native, and meet his fiancee' Caylei too.
Thanks for letting me borrow your sweater Tara.
I like it so much, I'm going to get one of my own! :)

Brian and Jil & Kevin and Michelle

Sandy and Joel & Dave and Kim

Dutch Boys = Tall Boys

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Picture courtesy of Miracles Photography
So, a couple nights ago the girls asked me to crack their toes. (Don't ask me how this got started or why they like hearing their little bones pop!) Well Jeff thought that if I was touching the kids feet, his should not be excluded. So he proceeded to take off his sock and put his funky toes right in my face. I, the sometimes dramatic one, decided to carry on and on about his stinky toe jam and how disgusting it was. I stopped my rant however when I looked over and saw Zoey standing up on her bed, eyes red and watering, and her hands under her mouth ... gagging like there was no tomorrow.

Seriously, it was so funny and yet we couldn't laugh because she was embarrassed and we felt bad for her. Let's just hope no one ever pukes at school in front of Zoey. She would go down right with them!

Monday, December 03, 2007

To my body: Pick a "problem area" and stick with it. Don't go and create new ones. Thanks.

To the family dressing room in Target: You are very unflattering.

Lions --- You're such a tease

Why must you tease your fans into believing in you every year?
I need to start cheering for a different NFL team. I'm leaning towards New England. Tom Brady is a U of M alum and not too shabby to look at either.
( O.K. the getting another woman pregnant and then dating a supermodel tarnishes his image a bit, but I'm a life-long Lions fan ... I'm used to disappointment.)