Tuesday, May 12, 2009

You Know You're A Mom When ...

In honor of the Mother's Day we just celebrated last week, I thought I would list some tell-tale signs of how you know you're a mom. Enjoy then share some of your own!

When ...

You do the nose wipe with your bare hand and wipe it on your sock.
You run down the steps in your jammies with your boobies in your hands.
You wear entirely too many ponytails.
You can take one look at your kids and know their sick.
You've learned to look away when your kids fall. Trust me. They'll cry less if they don't think Mommy just saw it all.
Your middle name should be legally changed to "Enabler".
Your nose can now rival a bloodhound. Every smell has met their match in you.
You've hand washed your panties only because you ran out of clean ones. And then used the hair dryer to dry them.
You save all the good fruit for your kids then realize you really should be eating more too.
Your kid spits something out in your hand and having nowhere to go with it, you pop it in your mouth.
You tell your hubby "not tonight" 'cause your hair looked really cute when you went to bed and your hoping to skip the shower in the a.m.