Saturday, December 27, 2008

Friday, December 26, 2008

Hello Digital

Our first digital video camera and clip. Enjoy & remember this isn't high quality entertainment ... or video for that matter. :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

'Tis the Season

Apparently for my husband, 'tis the season to get his butt grabbed. Let me back up a little. Our friends threw the most amazing wine-tasting party last Saturday night. The food was gourmet all the way, the wine tasting was fun (yeah, I pretty much guessed what I was drinking and definitely did not smell the bouquet) and we met some really cool and unusual people. Unusual and frisky. Jeff was chatting by the sink when he felt a hand grab his rear and since I was standing across the way, he knew it was not my hand.

Oh my. This very colorful (and I hope innebriated) woman had grabbed his tush right in front of me and her hubby. Then she claimed she thought it was her husband. (Ummm ... hello. They were not even wearing the same colored pants and Jeff is way hotter.) :)

Merry Christmas and keep an eye on your man this season.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Blog On!

This is by far my favorite thing in the house. A cheap barn window that hold pictures of my three priceless kids. Thanks to my good friend Steph who once again captured each one of their unique and colorful personalities.
Zach on the hunt to find Sacajawea. (When we met her, she had the most beautiful black hair with bright blue eyes. Hmmmm ...curious.)
I guess it's hard to find non-Dutch actors in the Ada area. :)

This is Paige and I on the way to the David Crowder Band concert sporting our new T's. (Yep, we're that geeky. And no, I wasn't drinking prior to this picture being taken. My 13 yr. old niece snapped it and apparently has a very unsteady hand.)

Mya (photographer of pic above) & Paige. It really was a tiny glimpse of heaven for me that night. To see my favorite artist, hear my daughter singing every lyric to every song, and watching my 15 yr. old nephew, Ross, lifting his hands up in worship right next to my husband Jeff. Take me home Jesus. And make sure Mr. Crowder is playing that night.
Oh yeah. That's my skinny-big-haired-Jesus-loving friend.
(O.K. really we're not friends but I know if we ever met, we would be like BFFs.)