Monday, October 26, 2009

Here you go Emily!

Reasons I hate facebook.:.
1) Provides a slight attention deficit disorder for all users (FADD) [aka homework doesn't get done and neither does my photography editing etc on my computer]
2) It stole my favorite blogger

Sincerely, Emily B.

O.K. I got this message from an obviously talented, witty, and well-read stranger. ;) I'm really trying to get back into blogging but most days fb wins. I find myself thinking in status updates instead of blog posts. It fits my writing style; heck my personality. Get in, get out, be quick, be funny. Here are the other top five reasons I haven't blogged lately:

1. This rainy, cold fall weather is sapping my wit.
2. I am volunteering way too much in my children's classrooms. I was on the PTO board for the past three years (yeah, I'm not your typical PTO mom) but now I get to be a little more hands on. However, I did have another mom tell me she hasn't seen me around school very much this year and actually said, "It's like you've faded into oblivion." I just googled that word to see if she used the right one and this is the definition, "the state of being completely forgotten or unknown." Wow ... thanks lady. Let's do coffee sometime.
3. I'm doing homework sheets with my kindergartener every night. Yep, not every other night. Every night. Darn school district with high academic standards.
4. I'm driving my kids to soccer all over the city of Grand Rapids. Three kids + four fields = two months of no Saturdays.
5. And finally, can one blog about laundry too much? Because I think I do, or did, and probably will again.

Stay smart Emily and I'll try to keep blogging.

Where'd these little girls go?

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Zach Man

While eating breakfast the other day Zach asks me, "Mom, does God talk to you?" Well buddy, that's some light conversation to start the day with! After launching into a mini-sermon about how he talks to me through prayer Zach stopped me to add something else to the conversation. He said, "God talks to me. He says, (now he's whispering),'Hi Zach.'"

Alert the media. I think we have a modern day prophet on our hands.