Thursday, April 29, 2010

Award Season

I don't usually use my blog to brag up my kids but they're really quite special and it's fun for us when someone else recognizes this.  In the past two weeks we've had many chances to sit back and say, "hey kid, you're great."  Paige was recognized by her teacher and her school for her high level of reading, Zoey had a piece of art work selected for the district wide art show, they both performed beautifully at their piano recital, Zoey scored a goal at her soccer game on Saturday and Paige is set to sing a solo at both church and school.  And Zach, he decided to start reading every book in sight.  All in all, we're proud parents because of all these accomplishments but we are the proudest of the character we see our kids displaying while they try and succeed at all these things.

Friday, April 23, 2010

I Promise

There are many things I wish for my children and some serious promises that me & their dad made when we became parents.  This list isn't it.  :)  These are promises that pop into my head as I think about raising my two daughters.  (Sorry Zach; hopefully dad is making some sort of list for you too.  I'm sure it involves Home Depot and the proper way to spit.  Wait, I may have to teach you that last one.)  

Dear Paige and Zoey,

  1. I promise to never make you get a perm.  And with this promise let me just add, I will never get out the photo albums of your teen years when we have company over.
  2. I promise to talk to you about your period.  (Period.)
  3. I promise to never poo-poo your "friend problems".  They feel huge, I get that.  And even though I never talk to any friends from late elementary school or middle school, I know that this is an important part of your social development.
  4. I promise to encourage your sense of style.  Even if that means you've clipped a braid across your head and you look like you've just walked out of a thrift store.
  5. I promise to not giggle while we have the sex talk.  (Like I did the last time.)
  6. I will not compare you to your sister in either physical appearance or personality.  This is a tough one because it's natural to notice differences in your children.  I promise to try however.
  7. I promise to not label you.  This goes with #6 but I just want you to know that your "box" is flexible, stretchy and will change as you change.
  8. I promise to let you borrow your Dad's sweaters to wear to school if that style comes back.  (Dear God, please let this style come back.)
  9. I promise to call you when you're a new mom and demand that you go to Starbucks by yourself while I watch the baby.
  10. I promise to love you.  Always.

Love Mom

Monday, April 19, 2010

Why I Love Men

O.K. the title of this post is a little strange and I'm thinking that maybe I should change it.  Nah.  Here are some reasons why I find men (grandpas, dads, husbands, brother-in-laws, nephews) so darn endearing.

  1. They grow out a beard for playoff season and refuse to shave until their team loses.  It doesn't matter that their wife & kids find it to be hideous; it's there until the fat lady sings.
  2. They cannot hear the children in the car calling their name, or screaming, and/or singing at the top of their lungs.  Seriously?  This is a gift or a curse depending on who you are in the car.
  3. They will give you a kiss right after you tell them your breath is bad.  Because let's face it ladies, we hear that and we are backing that kissing bus right up.
  4. They can and will re-wear underwear.
  5. They can lift heavy things.
  6. They borrow shoes for big events.  No need to shop when you have a family member who wears the same size.
  7. They know how to work the grill.
  8. They rarely cry but when they do it is one of the sweetest things you've ever witnessed.
  9. You know you will always smell prettier than them.
  10. And finally, because they are simply honest and most of the time uncomplicated.  God bless 'em for not using subtlety to try and tell you what they want.  (FYI:  it's a big screen t.v.)


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Heart Is Full

I continue to be amazed at how my heart can swell with love for my children and then two days later swell with sadness for someone going through a loss.  Really.  Isn't this the most fascinating, devastating and wonderful thing about being a human being?  Our capacity to love one another, hate one another, sympathize with each other and truly feel a whole range of emotions all within our little 'ole chest.  I've had one of those weeks.  The week began with a birthday lunch for my oldest daughter.  She was positively delightful.  (I know that sounds like an old lady word but I'm using it people.  When I start calling things "precious" then you can get concerned.)  Paige was giddy, excited and super animated as we sat across from each other eating our oh-so-delicious-Yesterdogs.  She kept thanking me for the lunch and her polite manners really made me think that maybe I don't all together stink at this mom thing.  After lunch we headed over to do a little antique shopping at Eastown Antiques and her shopping savvy and little comments made me feel like we were girlfriends just hanging out for the afternoon.  I drove away from her school with a full, full heart and I thanked God for the gift of my little girl who is growing up to be such a wonderful young woman.  (I sound old again, don't I?  Calling someone a "young person" is a sure sign I think.)

Then this morning I hear of a friend who is going through a loss.  Today.  And my heart is full.  Full of sadness for the loss of a dream; the hope of something new.  These heart-wrenching and extreme changes in our plans leave us feeling full and empty at the same time.  And that really is the beautifully tragic thing about being a human being.