Thursday, August 31, 2006

Boys & Overalls

Why are little boys so darn cute in bib overalls? We are starting to a get some cool nights around here and so the bottom of the drawer was once again discovered. The kids have had the best summer and to finish it off with a bang, they decided to sell water balloons. (They came up with this idea all on their own.) They started to go door to door until we told them to stick to people we know and the ones that actually have kids. They did sell four to some nice retired people on our street before we stopped them though.:) The grand total: $6.00 that was divided four ways and quickly spent at Target. Kids after my own heart - I always spend all my money at Target too!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

One FUN week!

Our last hurrah of summer began on Sunday when we headed out to a beautiful cottage in Holland and hung out with friends Dave & Kim and their two kiddos; Micah and Luke. After putting the kids to bed, we snuck out and went up on the dune overlooking Lake Michigan. The sunset was spectacular as was our entire stay at the "mansion by the sea". (Kim's mom's accurate description.) On Wednesday, just Jeff and I headed out to Birch Run for our big 10 year anniversary celebration. I know, Birch Run, not very romantic but I was given three choices; bed and breakfast in South Haven, Serenity Springs (the Te Slaa baby-making station!), or save money on the lodging and in my Dutch husband's words, "spend more money shopping". Game over ... we have a winner. :) We had a great time relaxing, shopping, and deciding our own schedule. I answered yes to all these questions: Have a drink before we head out to dinner. Late movie. Hot tub dip after the movie. Wake up and shop some more. At the last minute, go to a Tigers baseball game. Life without kids is so ... hmmm ... what is a good word for it? I will just stick with different. Very, very different.

Our final destination this week was to Binder Park Zoo with the kids in tow. They had so much fun and Zach was a trooper walking nearly a mile through the African Safari area. Feeding the giraffes was the highlight and spending some good 'ole family time.

Next week real life begins ... getting kids on the bus to school, making lunches, starting up Bible Study, coaching Zoey's AYSO soccer team, volunteering on the PTO, leading a Sunday night small group, and leading games every Wednesday night at church. I miss summer already. :(
CAPTIONS/Pic #1: "Good 'ole family fun". Pic #2: Zach using his non-verbals to say, "pick me up Daddy". And pic #3: Giraffe saying, "Feed me!"

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Things that make me Happy

1. Watching my daughter learn how to ride a two-wheeler on her own.
2. Hanging out with friends at the cottage (aka: "mansion by the sea") they rented.
3. Passing on my love of books to my kids.
4. Planning a get away with my husband and knowing I get to ride in the car without kids.
5. Hearing Zach "sing" the ABC song and it sounds like this ... uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh. But the tune is spot on!
6. Watching Zoey race around with the neigbors with her training wheels on.
7. Knowing that school will be starting in two weeks.
8. Waking to find that we have caught/killed another mouse. (O.K. happy may be too strong of a word for that one.)
9. My neighbor boy (former Abercrombie model) washing his car bare back. :)
10. You blogging nerds that read my blog and comment on it.
11. Watching Zach eat ice cream. And making daddy clean him up afterwards. (nice chocolate goatee huh?)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


The mouse has left the house. Yesterday morning we awoke to find that a mouse had got into our bread drawer in the kitchen. YUCK! He had eaten right through the bread bag and left behind some "black rice". (aka: mouse droppings) I called my husband right away and told him, "You are the man of the house. You must KILL this mouse!" Sensing my urgency, he went out last night and bought the traps and loaded them up with peanut butter. We went to bed ... and about ten minutes later we heard one of the traps snap shut. Oh yeah baby. The mouse had returned to the scene of the crime and met his fate. The funniest part of this story (sorry to my in-laws if you are reading this) is that we were ... you know ... when the trap went off. It kind of killed the mood. :)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Time for a new DO

With the fast approaching arrival of fall, the new school year, and just because I get plain bored with my hair ... I have a new DO. I think my hairdresser gets a little excited each time I come in and say, "I am ready to try something different". She went a bit shorter in the back than I thought she would and when she saw that I kept getting quieter and quieter she got a little worried. Since I am so tactful, I said to this woman (who has devoted her life to cutting hair and making women feel better about themselves) "Oh, don't worry. It's just hair. It's fine. My hair grows fast." Nice huh? :) "Just hair"? It looks "fine"? I am sure I made her day with my compliments.

A Year in Review of my Hair: December - straight & med. length, July - long and curly, Mid August - Straight and short!!!