Thursday, August 30, 2012

Parenting is Hard if You're Doing it Correctly

Alternate title: Good gravy; where did summer go?

It seems like everywhere you look you can find resources on how to parent better. In fact, there are so many great blogs about parenting that I hesitate to even write about it. But parenting is my #1 job. O.K. truthfully, it's really my only job right now unless you count working on my summer tan. I've been a mom for 13 years and these years have taught me a lot but really have left me with just three big desires for my kids.

  1. Know that Jesus loves you more than me and your dad ever could. He chose you before you were born and he chose you as he hung on the cross. Don't rely on your parents' faith to be saved. It has to get real. It must be personal. It has to be yours.
  2. Be grateful. Oh please be grateful for all the many blessings you have and all the amazing people that are in your life. Don't be discontent or think you deserve any sort of special treatment.
  3. You don't have to be the best at anything but you have to try your best at everything. Yep kids, even piano. When I see you not bring your instrument home or dog it on a windsprint at practice I just want to holler, DO YOUR BEST! If mediocre violin playing is your best, then I will proudly listen to you squeak through any song. If a "B" is the best you could do on that language arts exam, great job. And if you never score another goal but are sprinting after the ball giving it your best then this mama is one happy fan.
Here's to a great school year and a year of doing our best.