Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Filter Me, Please

I have a problem. I'm a conversation filler. If there is a long pause or someone is shy and just looks at me then I'll just start filling. Usually that's o.k. Today? Not so much. Sorry. I'll be back on my 'A' game tomorrow. (Maybe.) I'll leave you with this photo of Michael Phelps. It leaves me speechless. Which today ... is a good thing. :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

What Have I Been Up To?

  1. Nearly 5'6" if I'm stretching. :)
  2. Getting all the paper work together to get a passport so Jeff and I can go to the Dominican Republic with a group from our church on a mission trip.
  3. Jumping through hoops to get my teacher's certification back --- just in case I decide I would like to get join the work force again. (In other words; get paid for working instead of the current SAHM salary.)
  4. Avoiding housework.
  5. Finding rocks and sticks in the bottom of my daughter Zoey's backpack. Will I someday miss the "treasures" they bring home?
  6. Doing laundry. Like daily. Seriously Deb, I don't know how as another mother of three you only do it once a week.
  7. Blowing my nose and coughing for about a month now. I'm sick of being sick. Time for some drugs. Too bad I have never gone to a regular doc. Could my high risk OBGYN prescribe me something? :)
  8. Playing on facebook. Where does the time go?
  9. Taking a crying four year old to swimming lessons.
  10. Going to see David Crowder Band in concert. I've still got a "holy crush".
  11. Making 50 homemade invites to a brunch that I'm hosting.
  12. Looking forward to our couples get away to Chicago the first weekend in December.
  13. Watching the Lions and U of M lose on a weekly basis.
  14. Did I already say "avoiding housework"? It needed to be repeated.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Please Hold

My friend Tara uses this line when her kids interrupt her. "Please hold". I've decided it applies to my blog since it's on hold since I joined facebook last week. Sorry. Please hold. :)