Monday, December 22, 2008

'Tis the Season

Apparently for my husband, 'tis the season to get his butt grabbed. Let me back up a little. Our friends threw the most amazing wine-tasting party last Saturday night. The food was gourmet all the way, the wine tasting was fun (yeah, I pretty much guessed what I was drinking and definitely did not smell the bouquet) and we met some really cool and unusual people. Unusual and frisky. Jeff was chatting by the sink when he felt a hand grab his rear and since I was standing across the way, he knew it was not my hand.

Oh my. This very colorful (and I hope innebriated) woman had grabbed his tush right in front of me and her hubby. Then she claimed she thought it was her husband. (Ummm ... hello. They were not even wearing the same colored pants and Jeff is way hotter.) :)

Merry Christmas and keep an eye on your man this season.


Amy said...

You're sooo funny! Gotta love the wine tasting parties...ya never know what's going to happen!

Laura said...

That's hilarious, most likely because it didn't happen to me! Better keep a close eye on those other women. :)

Brenda said...

I can assure you how not to let that happen again - hang with the Hondorps who celebrate by drinking Diet Coke and eating popcorn...surely not as fun, but no hand checks needed :)