Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Here are some random thoughts if you were jonesing for my next post. Just kidding. I may have a healthy self-image but I'm not foolish to believe that people are actually awaiting my next post.

I've had a zit for so long on my chin, I may name it.
It would have been gone weeks ago if I would leave it alone.
I bought a pound or more of sour gummy bears and ate them all in a day and a half.
I actually hid them from kids.
Speaking of hiding candy, Jeff hid Starburst jelly beans in his truck.
When I asked the kids who they thought he was hiding it from, they said from me.
Smart kids.
I think people should monitor what they put on facebook more.
For example, pics of you in your bathing suit, bad idea.
I don't care how hot your bod may be.
Also, don't invite people to dinner or an event if you're not willing to invite all your fb friends.
Seriously. There is a box that says compose new message people.
How do high schoolers deal with this?
I'm 36 and still sometimes feel left out.
That's it folks.
Randomness concluded.


Brenda said...

Your comment about feeling left out is hilarious and true. Oddly, two people whom I'm not even tight with could be planning a very public (FB wall) dinner and in my head I'll think...now why would they not invite ME? I am, of course, their friend - on FB :)

Laura said...

Are you feeling left out because I didn't invite you on my 14 mile run Sunday? Just making sure. Don't want any hurt feelings :)) Next year...

Lynn said...

Totally agree with you on the feeling left out thing...way overuse of the wall. Also I agree that not everyone takes the modest approach when posting photos. I'm thinking in particular of my 18 year old well endowed niece who posted about a dozen pictures of her bouncing on a trampoline in a bikini. Yikers!

Laurie said...

Oh Brenda. You crack me up because your comment is so true. The offending fb "friends" aren't even people I want to go out with ... but shouldn't they still want to go out with m? :)

Laura - You can not invite me to run 14 miles any day! :)

Lynn - Yikers is right. I so far have three offending fb friends who like to show their stuff. Two women, one man. The woman is actually my husband's friend and he said, "I can't believe this girl from work put pics up of her in a bikini." Oh my! And we I saw it in the column to the right (small shot) I swear to you I thought it was a picture of plucked chicken. :)

Patti said...

I ALWAYS await your next post. This is a good one and wish that others would follow some fb etiquette!!!

Amy said...

I think your randomness has more then once made my day! Thanks for the giggle...and fyi, you are always invited to my dinner parties!!!

Meg said...

I used to have to hide my candy, but Ole Boy went on a diet, and now I don't have to. "Now" is relative. Like me, he's liable to break the diet thing one day. I've learned stuff I didn't (want to) know about some of my "friends."