Thursday, June 25, 2009

2 Concerts in 4 days?

How I knew that I was no longer at a David Crowder Band concert; the first t-shirt I saw someone wearing at the Indigo Girls concert read, "I love boobs." And it was worn by a woman. Enough said? 2 concerts in 4 days. Worlds apart and yet both groups were highly talented musicians. I couldn't get myself to raise my hands however when I was singing along to "Galileo" or "Closer I am to Fine" after raising my hands to the Lord at the Big Ticket Festival (Christian rock extravaganza in Gaylord, MI). Sorry Indigo Girls, only Jesus gets me to raise my hands and worship Him.

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Brenda said...

oh boy, I too, love both DCB and Indigo Girls...what a sweet couple-ah concerts! (though DCB would be just a tad sweeter)