Monday, September 07, 2009

Goodbye Summer

This is an ode to the summer of 2009. The summer of sweatshirts, running the air-conditioning only a handful of times, and to one that did not require me to move the sprinklers around the lawn all day.

Goodbye summer. Goodbye to lazy mornings, severe tan lines, freckling noses, and the swirl of sand in the laundry wash-tub. Goodbye to camping with friends and family and eating way too many amazing fire treats like "dough-boys", s'mores, and the infamous biscuits.
Goodbye weekly laundry loads of bathing suits and towels and sniffing to see if they could be used just one more time.
Goodbye to the neighborhood kids calling or just showing up and announcing that they could stay for lunch. Yippeee!
Goodbye to caramel frappacinos (I never seem to order these in the winter) and picnic lunches and visiting playgrounds, beaches, and pools daily.
And finally, goodbye to no agendas or appointments, no team practices, no piano lessons, and no over-packed schedules.


amy said...

Oh LP!! What?? We are on a stinking sports schedule year round...well we are a 'sports' family!! I raise my glass as we say goodbye to summer...but here's to a great fall and new year!!

Dana said...

Good grief, my summer was no where near anything like that, and yet your post makes me sad that it's over... must be nostalgia.