Friday, August 27, 2010


Prepare yourself. In our fun filled, packed out, extraordinary summer I'm going to complain about a few things I'm tired of. Don't worry; it'll be fun!

  1. Washing bathing suits and towels and hanging them up over every available kitchen chair and outdoor chair to dry. If we smell like a lake next time you see us in our suits, you'll know I put my foot down.
  2. Lady Gaga (that just has to be said, right?)
  3. Katy Perry (ditto to that California girl.)
  4. Gaining weight over the summer. Hello? How come the season where I wear the least amount of clothes I decide to gain weight in? Oh yeah, ice cream. I guess I answered my own question.
  5. Packing picnic lunches. In June it's so exciting and new again but by late August I just tell my friends, I'll meet you after lunch.
  6. Putting sunscreen on the kids. I have the most moisturized hands in West Michigan. I should just stop being so cheap and buy the spray but that stuff lasts about one week with three kids.
  7. Mosquitos and bees.
  8. Kids in and out of my house I'm not ready to see my baby enter 1st grade this fall however.
  9. Burgers and hotdogs.
  10. And finally, I'm tired of not doing my hair. I've been riding the wave (and ponytails) for so long that I actually look forward to fussing with it again. I guess this proves that I have some girly in my tomboy.


Kristen said...

I'm with you girl! All 10 of them...except 7...we don't get bugs here, and 8 b/c she did that last year...waaaahhh!

Amy said...

Sounds like you had a great summer LP! I too am tired of some stuff...but mine would sound more like bitching then joking so I will refrain!! Hope all is well! I have actually been keeping up my got to check out the last post!! Too funny!