Monday, September 20, 2010

Home Alone

(Honestly, this is the only time he was quiet this summer.)

All three kids are in school full-time this year. Weird. I've discovered some things I love about it and some things I don't and have made a few funny discoveries along the way.
  1. The clock above my computer ticks. Loudly. Who knew?
  2. If all your kids are at school, you're stuck on the toilet if you run out of t.p. (Luckily I'm a quick thinker and resourceful. 'Nuff said?) 
  3. You find yourself saying "yes" to just about every volunteer position and then start second guessing your sanity.
  4. I can read a book in the middle of the day if I want. Now on to read worthwhile and edifying material!
  5. You don't need the childcare at the gym anymore. Sigh.
  6. The laundry is no longer your nemesis but rather, your daily companion.
  7. You can meet your husband for lunch. Most days. Fun!
  8. You have time for prayer. You + God = some pretty great quiet time spent together.
  9. Your hair is done and your workout is in by noon.
  10. After school becomes your favorite time of day.


the deKorne family said...

i feel like it's high school. i'm a freshman and you're a senior. so happy for you. and jealous bc i have a feeling when i'm in that position i will be needing to go back to work. enjoy the reading and the ticking!

Laurie said...

Tried to get a part time teaching job Heidi but boy, it is ridiculously competitive out there! I'll be bored in a month so don't be too jealous freshie. :)

MiniMe Mom said...

Reading a book in the middle of the that sounds like heaven!
Josh would disagree, and say me having my hair/makeup done would be a delight:-)

Bradi said...

"Like" :)

Eshop said...
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