Wednesday, January 05, 2011

2011. The Year of the Blog?

Alright folks. Here is our Christmas and a bit of our year in review. The song is "Joy Is In Our Hearts" by Sara Groves and really the only reason I made this slideshow is because I love this song so much! :) I should have kept adding pictures so you could hear it all and I should have faded out the last few notes so it sounds more professional but I have to get to Target. 

Hope 2011 is a year of blessings for your family.


the deKorne family said...

looove that song, and GO BLOGGING!

Bradi said...

LOL. Love how it just cut out. Love me some Sara Groves!!! and Love me some Target. I get it-you gotta go when you gotta go.
GREAT video Laurie!

Eshop said...
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Ahna Ruth said...

Miss you guys! Dan and I were cracking up at the photobooth pics :) Can we hang out with your fam again soon? :)

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