Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Call me Four Eyes

( Picture courtesy of Paige )
So here Jeff & I were thinking, how could we (people with perfect vision) have a child who needs glasses. (Sorry Paiger, turns out mom has an astigmatism too!) Until a few months ago when things started getting a little fuzzy in the distance. So when Paige had to go in for her annual check up, I thought my eyes might need one too. My Dr. told me I could use glasses for driving at night, going to a movie, etc. but I really didn't need them. Apparently, he didn't know that I have always wanted "funky glasses" and more importantly, we have one heck of a medical flex spending account. :) Paige keeps telling people I wanted glasses so I could be "saucy"! (Where does this child hear these things?)


chelle said...

Very Saucy, four eyes!

love 'em!

MiniMe Mom said...

They are saucy!

Coming from someone who has needed glasses since second grade...I cannot relate to wanting glasses.

Lasik surgery, now that I can relate to.

Bradi said...

You are SASSAFRASS! (my favorite word)
Love the glasses, love the longer hair.
you go girl.

Middle Sis said...

Hey Laurie,
Those look awesome! Great choice!
middle sis

Michelle said...

Love them. I'm joining you in the world of the 4 eyes next week. I went saucy too. : )

Brenda Hondorp said...

you definitely get the title of YUMMY MUMMY! Who ever thought four-eyes could be SO cute?!

Amy said...

You look awesome!! Love the new sassy (aka saucy) look!!

Sonny said...

Muy saucy, chica!