Friday, August 24, 2007

Dad = Rock Star Status

Maybe they love him so much, because he can carry them all on his back???!!!
I'll gladly admit that my husband Jeff is one great dad. However, I still find it irritating when we are laying the kids down for bed and they ask, "Daddy, do you have to go to work tomorrow?" Ummm, excuse me. I have made you breakfast & lunch all summer, taking you to the Children's museum, the zoo, the "shoot-ups", Grandma's lake, Grandma's pool, out for ice cream in the middle of the afternoon (don't tell daddy), etc!!!!! Show mommy a little love kids! No wait, don't. I rather enjoy the fact that you all ask him to lay with you at bedtime. It frees me up to blog. :)


Brenda Hondorp said...

Cute pic. Aside from your cute kids and foyne hubby...I love the color of the walls in your basement.

Amy said...

The unsung hero's, us moms!! But what would we do without those dads!! Gotta Love them!

ps-Great picture!