Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Helpful Heloise/Laurie

Alright, in my checking in on everyones lives/blogs after my vacation I came across a fun blog about being a hip mom via Brenda's blog. O.K. after five attempts, the link is not working and so I am just going to give you my helpful mothering/cleaning/cooking/exercising advice. Oh man, it must be another snow day and I'm bored! :)
  1. If you buy the mega-three pound bag of Kirkland tortilla chips at Costco (and why wouldn't you, they're just so yummy) freeze the ones you can't consume in a week. I put them in gallon size ziplocs, take them out of the freezer, and they are instantly ready to eat and are as fresh as the day you bought them.
  2. If you get a fruit stain on your clothes, use boiling water right out of your tea kettle and pour those stains away. (Strawberry and blueberry stains are no match for scalding hot water.)
  3. Get more than one laundry hamper/basket and separate your clothes into darks and lights right away. It saves time and let's face it, any time saved when doing this dreaded job is welcomed.
  4. Buy a Wii (or get your neighbor to find one for you while she's out shopping, thanks Patti) and burn a few calories after dinner while kicking your hubby's butt in tennis or boxing. We did however experience two downsides to the Wii this morning, a Wii whine by Paige who kept getting beat in tennis, and a Wii wipe-out by Zoey as she was executing a killer forehand shot.

I am also including "some blogs to read" ... kind of like t.v. shows you should be watching but you're not. Patti, new blogger/great neighbor looking for readers, Amanda, Dutch girl in Spain, and Dana, witty pastor's wife who's vocabulary puts mine to shame. Happy reading and don't be a lurker on these girls' blogs!


Dana said...

Hey, thanks for the shout out.

Word up. Fo' shizzle.

(Thought I'd show off that vocabulary you referred to.)

Patti said...

You are just so helpful, Heloise! I am going to try the tortilla chip suggestion! About the fruit stain advice, my boys are never messy so I can ignore that one. (KIDDING...but really, to be so on top of it to boil the water and deal with it right away? I'm lucky if it gets a squirt of Shout before it's forgotten!)

Thanks for the shout out about my new blog...lurkers always welcome, comments even more so!

Bradi said...

You're hilarious. I can attest to the tortilla chip suggestion as I learned that trick from the MIL (mom in law) long ago. She freezes everything and made me a believer too!
Will have to try the hot water stain trick.
thanks Hel!

Amanda said...

I'll have to freeze chips sometime! I never thought of that! In Spain everything is little so I'll wait till I get home to try that one. Um, also, I want a Wii!!!