Thursday, February 07, 2008

Confessions of a SAHM (Stay-At-Home-Mom)

This is my second or third posting with this title. I must have a lot to confess.
  • If I get dinner made before my husband gets home, I think I deserve The Mother of the Year Award or at least some kind of medal. (I'm not joking. He's the grocery shopper and meal planner.)
  • I bake homemade cookies because I like to eat the dough. The kids and hubby think I do it because I love them so much.
  • I unbutton the top button on my jeans while sitting at the computer. (See above confession to know why. Cookie dough = doughy belly.)
  • I think my son is one of the most lovable kids in the world. And so do all the ladies at church who he walks up to and hugs randomly.
  • My kids let me sleep in. My neighbor Patti woke me up today by calling to see if I wanted to go sledding with her and another neighbor (at 8:45 A.M. --- NUTSO LADIES) and I told her I'd have to decline since I was still in bed.
  • I threw down my Wii remote and stomped upstairs after my husband beat me in every game we played last night. Seriously, darn boys and their video game prowess piss me off. (another quick confession: I'm a bit competetive.)
  • I found the four most romantic words I could ever say to my husband, "I like to shovel." (That really got him going!!)
  • I'm still pumping my fists while I'm running on the treadmill. ;)


Julie said...

All these snow days, give us lots of time on the computer! Let's add to your prayer list while you are checking e-mail---an early and warm spring!

chelle said...

pumping your fists while on the treadmill completely balances out the cookie dough eating.

Snack on , sista, snack on!

Kim said...

Very Cute! Love the cookie dough!

Patti said...

I certainly didn't think that I'd be waking you up with a call at 8:45 for goodness sakes!

We missed you at the sledding hill!

Speaking of cookies, we LOVE your monster cookies! Hint, hint!

Amy said...

Confessions indeed...I always say I'm going to get a ton done while Kali takes her nap...what actually ends up happening is...a good book or catching up on the recorded shows on the DVR!! Yikes!!

Amanda said...

ha ha...I like your confessions. You only pump your fists to "Eye of the Tiger", though, right?