Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Time to Reload

This post is dedicated to my neighbor & friend Patti who for some reason finds my life interesting. :) We are home for a day and a half from camping to re-load on food, clean clothes, and for the girls & I (their coach) to get to their softball game tonight. Today is picture day and we thought we shouldn't miss it. Later ...

Mr. Twisty in his sleeping bag.

Camping causes craziness.

The nine year olds; Maddie & Paige.

The 7 & 8 year olds; Zoey & Ellie. Dough boys are so good you want to lick the paper plate.

The hot mamas; Steph, me, Kim
The hot papas; Mark & Jeff playing corn hole. Could this game have a stranger name? :)

The crew (minus Jeff who was snapping this photo.)
Mark & Steph & their four kids
Us & our three
The Hoekstras & their two boys who came to visit for a day.


Brenda said...

Ya, Patti IS crazy...there is no reason to check up on the wild, crazy, sassy, non-stop, full of ideas, mom-of-three.

I also won't admit that I was checking your blog, daily, for your camping escapades. Thanks for the quicky update!

Patti said...

AHHHHH, thank you. I got my fix. Now let's see how long before I start jones-ing again! Have fun, but remember those of us in withdrawal here at home.

Amy said...

Looks like the tan is coming along very well! Not to mention the crew looks like they had a great time!

chelle said...

corn hole? I always wanted to know what that game was called. Now i wish I didn't know...

glad to see ya bloggin' while camping, that is true dedication!

Lynn said...

When you get a chance can I get the name and number of that piano teacher you had told me about? Thanks!

MiniMe Mom said...

Okay, I give. That does look like a ton of fun.

Patti said...

Alright lady, you've been home since Sunday. I gave you a day to catch up, now give us a post!