Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Eight IS Enough & We Be Jammin'

(o.k. that's only 7 - where's Mikayla?)

I thought I'd share a shot of our kids & the cousins (all five of them) that we babysat while their mom & dad interviewed for a new pastor job in Green Bay, Wisconsin. They really are the sweetest kids and they were so cute when I told them I got some good ideas for their next birthdays by watching them play with our toys (remote control car and MP3 player). Until two of them told me they would like a trampoline and a Wii instead. LOL! Pastor's kids with expensive tastes - I love it! Thanks to Patti for having a tramp and always letting our kids jump on it. To wrap up our busy day we decided to make eight batches of homemade strawberry jam. The girls did a great job helping and 45 minutes later we were done.


Julie said...

I would love to sample your jam! ;) Looks like fun!

Patti said...

I think you owe me some jam for all the "cups of sugar" you have borrowed the past year!

Oh, and what an awesome aunt you are! Those cousins will have fond memories of their time at the Guikema house.

MiniMe Mom said...

You are killing me with this jam!
You know those make great teacher any fourth graders yet? :-)