Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Room's Done / IKEA Trip / Saying Goodbye

So apparently the word "submit" doesn't get the comments flowing! :) Here is a pic of the inside of our room. I really do love how it turned out and I can now finally walk around in a towel (or less) in my room without feeling like I'm on display. Good news for me; great news for my neighbors? My friend Steph and I headed to IKEA yesterday (great conversations + fun shopping = happy mommy) and we bought a lot of organization and kitchen stuff. The only bummer was that they were out of a few things I "needed": nightstands for our bedroom, curtains for the girls room, and a new area rug for our kitchen. I guess when I prayed at lunchtime for God to help me only buy things that would be useful, he was in fact once again listening to my prayers. As soon as I got back I changed my clothes to go to a funeral visitation for a friend from our former church. Tim was just 41 years old and leaves behind a beautiful wife and four kids. Please pray for Becky if you think of her during the day. Hope all you bloggers are well.

"Monkeying around" with more upper case living art.


Bradi said...

Bedroom looks awesome! I have the same duvet set in our Guest Bedroom and love it!!
Good times last night, always fun to see you! =)

Patti said...

Looks like another trip to IKEA may be in the works, huh?

So sorry about your friend. I read the obituary, so sad.

Didn't read the sermon...yet. Then maybe I'll "submit" my comments to you.

Amy said...

You are so how everything is turning out!! Now you can do your naked dance anytime you want!! Dance Girl Dance!!