Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Little Pre-Halloween Fun

Obiwan Kenobi and Princess Leia
(yeah, we know they didn't date but that's the free costumes we borrowed from our friends.)

Have we mentioned how much Zach loves to dress like a kitty. Every day he tries it on.
Loved the head-to-toe costume. My "buns" were a little itchy however.

Our friends Stan & Jackie.

More friends - Scott (Wilma) & Jeannine (Fred)
Tami (Martha Stewart) & Dave (Joe the Plumber)


Bradi said...

OMW. There is just nothing worse than itchy buns...
LOVE the costumes! So fun!!

Kim said...

Very fun!

Patti said...

It's about time you posted something. It's been a week and I was jones-ing for SOMETHING from you!

Nice pics, although I'm not in any of them...