Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Gift Guide for Guys

The holiday gift giving season is officially over. Well, except for New Year's Eve and Day but who really gets presents on either of these holidays? My husband has triumphed through many gift giving occasions and really was quite the online buyer this year. When my sister asked me if Santa had been good to me, I had to honestly say he was VERY good to the kids this year. (Last year was my year when Jeff surprised me with an iMac. Oh, and diamond earrings this year for my birthday. You.the.man.Jeff.) But this year we were a little lame. Both of us were feeling a bit uninspired to buy when we are already so blessed with stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. I thought I would create a little guide for any man who wants to know what the women in their life really want. Feel free to add more ladies.

Guide For Men:
1. Plan a date night and get the babysitter all by yourself. You call and set it up. Seriously; you can do it.
2. Gift certificate for a pedi. It's fairly cheap, thoughtful, and every lady likes pretty feet. Well, except for one of my sisters who about crawled out of the chair the first time she got one ... But really, I think she is more of the exception than the general rule.
3. Starbucks gift card. Once again, this can be as cheap as you want and shows that you know that she needs caffeine to get through her normal daily routine.
4. Case of Diet Coke. (see caffeine note above.)
5. Take the kids grocery shopping.
6. Plan and cook a dinner.
7. Look her straight in the eyes when she gets in the car and has spent some time getting "dolled up" and say, "Wow. You look really beautiful." Remember, look only at her face. :)
8. Plan a vacation. Nothing says,"I love you" like planning a trip for just the two of you or the entire family.

That's it men. You too can achieve greatness; you just needed a little guidance.


Angel said...

Love it. The babysitter thing is so right on.

Brenda said...

I'm still on #2...someone related to you got out of a pedicure chair in revolt?! wowzer!

Julie said...

Not this sister! I loved it! Great post Laurie.

Laura said...

Love it! Which sister? Debbie?