Saturday, July 15, 2006

Camping with the Te Slaa's

The kids (minus napping Josie) having a
little color time during a rain shower.

Our humble home away from home.
By the way, I think the dictionary defines pop-up campers as "humble"! :)

These pictures were taken last year at the annual Guikema/Te Slaa camping trip. We had such a great time last year - the weather was great, the kids had so much fun, and everyone got along perfectly. We are hoping for a repeat! Pray for us to have a positive attitude even in the heat & humidity. One positive about the high temps. we have been having lately, the lake should definitely be a lot warmer than last year.

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Amy said...

Hey there LP- Thanks for letting me in on this little secret of yours!! How fun to catch up with out even needing to talk to you!! LOL Actually you look great, your kids are adorable and Jeff looks the same!! Hee Hee. Now for your question...on the one word thing...Not sure there is one word to describe you, but if I had to say, it would be "Determined!!" Hope all is well, I will bookmark this page to keep up dated. All my love -Amy