Monday, July 31, 2006


While my husband Jeff was out mowing the grass he found FOUR yes, four baby toads in our lawn. He thought it would be fun to show the girls and so he kept bringing them one by one to Zoey. She decided they needed a "home" and so she got a Cool Whip container to put them in. Being somewhat humane (after dropping them several times from her waist high), she let two go and then took two inside . (Where was I you ask? I do not know.) About 20 minutes later we heard the battle cry that a toad "escaped". Did I mention that they were "baby" sized? :( So far, no toad. Minutes before the "toad incident", we saved a baby cardinal who had fallen in our window well and couldn't fly out. Mama Cardinal was screeching at us and we just kept yelling up to the tree, "we are trying to help your baby!" "Please don't poke our eyeballs out!" Baby made it safely out after getting scooped up in a bucket. Then while watching t.v. last night we heard distinct scratching inside one of our walls. Hello little mousey! Welcome to Animal Kingdom. Enjoy your stay.

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TeSlaa said...

Next thing I know, you'll be wrestling crocks! Watch out animal kingdom LOL