Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Summertime Projects

We are "project" people. Let's face it, when you buy two older homes you have to be. Jeff let the girls get into the action by painting the first coat of the back of the shed. (Don't worry, we didn't leave it, we do have neighbors!) Actually, it did turn out kind of cute.

I have decided that I only like to blog when I have a cute picture to go with it. Can anyone else relate?

I think my grass was saying "ahhhhhh" last night when it was raining. I know I was because now I don't have to drag around the hose & sprinklers. Jeff has got in the habit of calling me from work and telling me that he turned the sprinklers on so could I, "keep it going". I think I'm getting the short end of this stick ... I mean how hard is it to start something and then leave for work? :)

1 comment:

Bradi said...

LOL!!! Laurie, I love it. You sound just like me.
A. Because I only like to post with pictures too and
B. Because I feel like I am the "scapegoat" for finishing things around my house. My favorite is..."I set out the bills that need to be paid, honey, could you do that tomorrow in your spare time?"
Sure, cause I have tons of spare time and i know you worked hard setting out those envelopes. Ha ha.
You gotta love our men. =)