Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I've Been Tagged

My friend Stephanie (visit her blog at teslaa.typepad.com) has requested that I tell five wierdly interesting things about myself. I am realizing that I am not really all that wierd ... oh wait ... yes I am, but I don't want all of you to know that!

1.) I have never colored my hair. I know - you can shoot me now. I inherited my grandmother's red hair and so all I have ever had done is a few highlights in the gloomy winter months.

2.) My Dad, my best friend from childhood, and my husband all have the first name Jeff. I'm sure Freud would have some interesting theory about that.

3.) I can't leave my house a mess before I go on vacation. It drives my husband crazy as he sits in the car waiting while I make beds, load the dishwasher, etc.

4.) My Dad coached football for over 20 years at my highschool and when I was born the assistant coach came into the locker room and said, "Coach Pettinga had another girl ."(#5) To which the entire team booed. What a warm welcome I had into the world huh?

5.) I once got a red card while coaching Varsity Volleyball. Who knew you couldn't yell at the referees while walking out on the court? :) All the parents of my players kept asking me if I was Irish. (fiery temper = Irish descent I guess.)

If you read my blog and have one of your own, you have been officially "tagged." In the words of the recess playground - "you're it and no tag backs!" :)

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Amy said...

OK LP- Not it!! That was kinda fun!! I'm not as weird as I thought I was. To be honest, this whole bloggin thing has been awesome, if for nothing eles I love that you and I are keeping up!