Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wood is Good

Alright, a friend of mine is always blogging about her husband's meat (grilled - get your mind out of the gutter people) SO, I thought I should brag about my husband's wood. (Once again sorry Dad and Mom Guikema - I couldn't resist writing that!) Jeff just got finished building this beautiful kitchen work station and we promised his co-workers that he would finally stop talking about it at work and just show a picture. :) He did a great job and even put in a huge drawer for me to store some "baggie essentials". We actually have had the butcher block in our basement for three years just waiting to be sanded and built. Our first house had this amazing butcher block down on the work bench in the basement. When we moved three years ago, we replaced this beauty with a new top for the new owners. (Before you feel too badly for them - keep in mind that this bench IS the size of my old kitchen. I wish I was kidding.) We just discovered the former homeowner's initials burned in the side of the wood and he has been deceased since the 1970's! We are proud to keep Mr. Hooker's craftsmanship alive and I am glad to have a new addition to my kitchen. So remember, next time you see Jeff you have my permission to say, "nice wood."


JLH said...

I'm impressed by the wood. Awesome little island you have there! One question there room for the bubble wrap sleeves in the baggie drawer? Teehee.

Amy said...

Nice WOOD Jeff!! I truly didn't know you had it in ya!! You are one lucky girl LP, with wood like that and all that talent, your options are endless!! LOL!!

TeSlaa said...

I'll keep that in mind next time I see him. Looks great though. Awesome addition to the kitchen!

Kimmie said...

I finally read THE BLOG!! I'm really sorry not to have before, I was pleased to see we made the grade for blog entries. We're even #2 on your favorite things list. WOO HOO!
P.S. We had an absolute ball the other night--Great Wood!:)