Monday, October 02, 2006

Ohhhhhhhhh Kids

This blog entry is entitled: Things my kids can say to me ... but if you did, it would just be wierd. (Remember, these are real quotes from my kids.)

1. "I don't have a peanut. I'm a girl!"

2. "I like your new underwear."

3. "I need more paper toilet."

4. "Look how big my poop is!"

5. "Why are your boobs so floppy?"

This picture is to document how two year old boys feed fish. This earned 'ole Zach a timeout and a spanking tonight. (By the way, no I did not even giggle a little because this was the third time we lost an entire canister of fish food. The first two went in the toilet followed by a big flush!)


Brenda H said...

Its a regular comedy show over there! Its easy for me to laugh I suppose...cuz its not happening to me, yet!

Michelle said...

Aren't these times of expanding minds so fun? We do need to learn to laugh more at these moments, including an overly fed fish - as long as they don't see us laugh!!! It's too easy to take life seriously. Thanks for the laugh!

Amy said...

LP- Aren't boys great...they always think that they are helping, in reality, just doubling your work load...try having three very HELPFUL boys!!

JLH said...

Hungry fishies! :)