Saturday, October 07, 2006


Ladies and gentlemen ... it is with great pleasure that I report that after watching my daughters play ten soccer games - we finally have a W in the Guikema home. Oh yeah. The drought has lifted. The month of September found us 0-8 and a little concerned about the future of women's soccer. :) Paige's team finally won today but Zoey's team is still 0-5 (I blame the Coach entirely ... oh wait, that's me.) Both girl's are learning a lot and having fun and the highlight of each game continues to be having a sugary snack after it. Coaching five year old's has been interesting and I have to say my competitive side came out a little today when I saw a girl on the opposing team using her arms a bit too much. After watching her manhandle my girls and go on a breakaway right at me, I just had to stick my foot out and tell her to watch it with those arms. I didn't exactly stop the ball or her forward march down the field ... but I got her to pause, if only for a second. I know, I'm rude. Her mom asked if that was interference and I just laughed and said, "well, she needs to watch it a little." She nodded and kept cheering her "princess" on. (This little lady came strutting up to midfield at the beginning of the game and struck a pose, lost her shoe two times while kicking and made everyone wait while she put it back on, and got "injured" and laid on the ground for a full minute going "oh my gosh" - read as OH MY GOSH.) I feel my actions were more than justified. Wait, am I really trying to teach a valuable life lesson in the middle of a game? :)


Amy said...

Wow, this sounds like the Laurie that I knew and loved...confrontation at all costs. You crack me up, I would have loved to have been there, hiding behind the other parents!! LOL!!

Michelle said...

Yeah! A Win!!! Congratulations!!

TeSlaa said...

Glad to hear that you have a W and sounds like you had a justified reason to say something to "princess". Ugh!