Saturday, October 28, 2006

Random Thoughts

Well, the fall soccer season is officially over. Can I get an AMEN. Zoey's team ended up winless and Paige had to miss her last game because she has strep throat. The beautiful fall weather made the games so much more enjoyable however. (If you live in Michigan, you know I'm fibbing.)

Paige came home with a helpful card about "How to Handle Bullies, Teasers, and other Meanies". (Our school district has an excellent program called Project Charlie that works with elementary through middle school students to teach kids how to make good choices. Prevention vs. intervention - good strategy for life and parenting.) Anyway, I got an absolute kick out of their ideas so I thought I would share them.

Say "that's bothering me, please stop." (Obviously, they have never met my husband, this just encourages him.)

Ignore it and walk away. (Not a realistic option to those of us with short fuses. We never walk away.)

Give a witty comeback. ("Your point is?" "Whatever!!!!" "No, really?")

Agree in a funny way. (For example, someone tells you your breath is bad and you say, "I know, thanks for noticing!" How can they really feel like they teased you after you say that.)

And my personal favorite. Confuse them with a compliment/kindness. (For example, when my dad once told me in my first trimester that I was really big I should have said, "I really like your shoes.")

I love it when we can empower our kids & teach them how to use humor!


Michelle said...

Those are great! I'll have to keep a copy of those for my kids, or for my own sake at times!

Amy said...

How funny...great pics by the way!! Hey sorry about the Tigers...we were cheering for them. Next year maybe!!

Bradi said...

Oh my goodness, I'm totally laughing out loud. Love your commentary!