Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dogs are Animals & Tree Traditions

Yes, you dog lovers. Your dog may be your best friend but don't foget it's an animal. We dog sat my sister's black lab while her and her family went down to Florida over Thanksigiving break. This is our fifth or sixth time dog sitting and we all love Maddie (I know, some of you have children with that name - the Dog Rescue named her.) The dog was a little stressed out this time and would not go out to go potty unless we walked her out with a leash, decided it would be fun to roll in another dog's poop, and the most offensive thing, ate out of the bathroom trash. For those of you who are thinking, "who cares if a dog eats a kleenex or two?"let me remind you that we have well & septic and certain things just can't be flushed down ... you get it? We had to give the dog hydrogen peroxide (learned this trick from the emergency vet we called the last time this happened) and then tied him up outside to let him purge. Once we thought he was good and cleaned out, we let him back in the house where he immediately jumped up on Paige's bed to sleep for the night and left her a present at 2 a.m. :( Jeff has made a new rule: No dog sitting while I may be having my period.

Thanksgiving weekend would not be complete without going out to cut down our Christmas tree. I think this a fun family activity and really reveals each person's personality.

Jeff: Hunter, must find the perfect tree.
Laurie: Impulse buyer - after about five minutes, I'm good - this one is fine.
Paige: Ever so helpful by tossing everyone's gloves in the maybe trees.
Zoey: Tough girl, has to carry the very long & jagged saw.
Zachary: Happy Wanderer - Chasing a dog & running away from us into the woods.


JLH said...

LOL. Oh that dog AWFUL. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Cats do NOT eat trash...foul is as foul does! GROSS!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah...what are you doing posting at 5:02am?!?!

Laurie said...

My blogger account must be managed on the West Coast - because I am so hip like L.A. :) The clock on my computer is right.

JLH said...

I'm not sure what's worse...the dog story or Brenda's cats.

Anonymous said...

Laurie...I just don't know what we are going to do with you!! You crack me up today just as much as you did 8 millon years ago when we were young! Sounds like you just need to stay away from dogs!!!

Bradi said...

Love both stories. I can relate to your "impulsive" shopper instinct with the tree hunting. Thus...why after 1 1/2 hours of wandering we picked the one next to our car.
And as far as the dog is concerned...oh my, I think I'd be done dog-sitting for a looong time. Gross, but hilarious.