Sunday, November 12, 2006


Then & Now
There are times when I look at my son and remember that his story is a story of hope. About hoping for the unimaginable and expecting to receive it. It is about the kind of hope that can only be found in God, and in His son, Jesus Christ. There are many things I remember about waiting for Zachary to arrive. I had never seen the minutes on a clock go slower than when I was on bedrest. I had never wanted to sleep more and be physically unable to. I had never loved my husband more or my daughters each time they came to visit the hospital with their sloppy pony tails and mismatched clothes. And I have never felt the hand of God like I did while lying in a hospital bed and pleading with Him for my baby's life. He sustained me, he comforted me, he encouraged me, and he carried me. The lyrics of this familiar hymn became my song; "I need Thee, O I need Thee, ev'ry hour I need Thee; O bless me now, my Savior, I come to Thee." It is my desire to have this same physical need for God (without being in a crisis) and to feel God's hand again and to understand His grace so that I can then extend it to others.


David,Angie, Keri & Nathan said...

Oh, how I remember how Wayfarer prayed so much for this little guy. It is so awesome to be reminded of his wonderful work.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your testimony...hope is definatly the right word, it is one of the very words that I find myself living and Zach are both such an inspiration!!