Wednesday, May 09, 2007

10 Things I've Learned over the Years

My how time flies

              1. When a kid needs to poop, he/she won't eat.

              2. Men stink at "spot staining".
              3. A library book is an elusive thing to find in the morning ... as the bus is coming.

              4. Good neighbors don't need good fences.

              5. When your dad cries, so will you. (Except much longer and harder and will leave you with a nose that resembles Rudolph's.)

              6. Going without a little makeup is no longer an option.

              7. Same can be said about going without a bra. Not an option.

              8. Mother's Day is a test for all men.
              9. A bed made by a kid looks very different than a bed made by mom.
              10. If you have a zit on your face long enough, it is appropriate to name it.


              Brenda said...

              Love #10. In fact, at a previous job...I had a co-worker ask me if I was going to "claim it (the zit) on my taxes"

              Good thing we were good friends.

              chelle said...

              great list, Laurie and so true. however I have been known as the bra-less wonder during a.m. carpool.

              I'm just too lazy.

              Amy said...

              You are right about #5! I remember the sound that came out of him when he found out about haunts me to this day!! Very fun list...I will try and think if I've learned anything these last ten years...keep ya posted!!

              denhartigh said...
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              Jenny said...

              I will concur on #10. I'm a big blemish namer. Last one, which is still fading, was "Red" aka: Big Red.