Sunday, May 13, 2007

Opinions Please

How many of you think it's unrealistic that
George has two hot chicks fighting over him?
(And isn't his character getting Annoying with a capital "A"?)
And did you like the "Addison spin-off"?


Michelle said...

George so isn't the type to have two women fighting over him - crazy story line.

I heard Addison is starting her own show and this was their way to introduce it. Wasn't crazy about it, but I'll give it a chance.

Grey's has been disappointing me lately. 1st season was the best!

Jenny said...

Two thumbs down for George.

I agree with Michelle, getting a bit disappointed in the story line. McSteamy remains hot though.

I thought the spinoff was a bit strange, especially the part when the young surfer walked through the office and waxed his surf board in slow motion. He wasn't even cute.

Laurie said...

You obviously were looking just at his face ... which was your first mistake! =)

chelle said...

I concur.

George--kind of a pansy

Addison's spin off--too Melrose Place

and as for Grey's--it is getting a little predictable.

Amy said...

I have to agree with everyone about George, but just knowing that he is gay makes that story line seem a little wierd!! However, I love the show in general and I thought the spin off was fun and different and I liked the cast! I guess we'll see!

Sonny said...

Mike and I have been addicted to Grey's since renting season two last summer. We've continued to watch faithfully . . . but it is taking some weird turns.

The Addison spin-off? Not so sure about that . . .

Overall, I've been a bit disappointed with the story line, but I'm still watching every week. The writing is just so witty and funny . . . it makes me laugh.

I agree with Jenny on the waxed surfboard part . . . pretty corney - and I agree, he wasn't hot at all! Ew!

Lynn said...

I have a love/hate relationship with Grey's. Honestly, all the characters annoy me, but I keep coming back for more. They are doctors but have the maturity level of a highschooler. Sooooo much whining!

chelle said...

lynn, you said it best!

Laurie said...

Weighing In:
1) While trying to make the characters more "human" Grey's has taken away some of the edginess that made certain characters great.
(ie. Mc Steamy is now nice?, Addison wants kids? At least Bailey is still The Nazi.)
2) Liked the spin-off mostly because Tim Daly is timeless-ly good looking. (Taye Diggs character was boring however.)
3)I agree that Season One reigns supreme.
4) Some of the story lines are so unbelievable like heart surgery in an elevator. Come on.
5) I often ask my husband if there is that much "hooking up" going on at the hospital (since he is a PA), to which he responds, "no way." There better not be! =)