Monday, October 15, 2007

Double JJ = Double the Fun

Since it's the month of October, it's time to celebrate my dad's birthday. My dad who wanted no celebration, recognition, or fanfare when he retired from teaching and coaching baseball, absolutely, positively, loves to celebrate his birthday. He is the only professor I know who would bring in birthday treats to his college students. (If you are actually reading my blog dad, may I just say, I find it very endearing.) So with all that being said, he decided this year's celebration would take place at the Double JJ Ranch in Muskegon. My Aunt Mary was the interior designer for this resort and has a suite that is just plain SWEET. 22 Pettinga's descended upon this place and played, ate, slid down some cool water slides, walked a corn maze, rode a horse, laughed, and had fun. Thanks Dad for so generously giving us a great weekend getaway on your birthday and for giving us the gift of having you as a dad and grandpa every day.
My brother-in-law had his digital video camera and if I can get my hands on some of that footage, I will be posting that too! (I was told by some family members that I would need written permission to use this but since when I have followed the rules? I'm the baby of the family after all!)


Brenda said...

rules are made to be broken. let's see the footage!

Amy said...

Looks like you guys are having another wonderful MI fall!! I will have to say fall is the only season that I truly miss living in MI!! Happy Birthday Coach!! You have been blessed with a wonderful family, who could ask for more!

MiniMe Mom said...

I am just like your dad- I love birthdays. How great that you all could celebrate it together. Good Dobson days, as we call them.

Dana said...

The name of that place always confused me.

Double JJ = Quadruple J, right?

Julie said...

Just so you know--I would appreciate no videos being posted on your blog! Let's keep the visual memories between family--thanks.

Bradi said...

The baby of the family...I never knew...THAT explains alot! =)
Sounds like you had a blast, family time rocks!