Thursday, December 06, 2007


Picture courtesy of Miracles Photography
So, a couple nights ago the girls asked me to crack their toes. (Don't ask me how this got started or why they like hearing their little bones pop!) Well Jeff thought that if I was touching the kids feet, his should not be excluded. So he proceeded to take off his sock and put his funky toes right in my face. I, the sometimes dramatic one, decided to carry on and on about his stinky toe jam and how disgusting it was. I stopped my rant however when I looked over and saw Zoey standing up on her bed, eyes red and watering, and her hands under her mouth ... gagging like there was no tomorrow.

Seriously, it was so funny and yet we couldn't laugh because she was embarrassed and we felt bad for her. Let's just hope no one ever pukes at school in front of Zoey. She would go down right with them!


Brenda said...

OH MY WORD...the effect of the toe funk lives!! I LOVE IT and would have wet my pants laughing.

Bradi said...

My husband has a serious toe cracking obsession. drives me nuts.