Friday, December 21, 2007

One Wild Week

Moms: We made it to Friday. The Christmas parties at each one of our kids' schools are over, the shopping is close to being done, and the cookies are baked. I raise my slice of Costco pizza to you tonight as I watch a movie and veg. out!

Wild & Wacky moments at our house this week:
  1. I hear a huge crash. I ask Jeff, "what was that?" He says, "nothing." Paige looks across the house and yells, "the Christmas tree just fell over." I'm left with some broken ornaments, spilled water (darn live tree), and some concern over my husband's hearing.

  2. Making cookies with my sisters and mom yesterday at our house. With my hands full of corn-flake green wreaths, frosting, peanut butter, etc., all the cousins yell upstairs, "Tyler is hurt. He's bleeding everywhere." Grandpa runs downstairs, Tyler's mom (my sister Cindy) runs down, I run down. A couples hour later Tyler returns from the E.R. with seven stitches and blood all over his pink t-shirt that reads, "TOUGH GUYS WEAR PINK!" (I guess he wore the right shirt to the E.R.!)

One more picture of rafia for Dana (homemade caramel corn this time) & a couple pictures of a game called 'Stuff the Santa' which we did in Zoey's class today. (Thanks Jeff for letting us use your scrubs!) Love


Dana said...

Why, thank you for thinking of me :)

Merry Christmas!

Lynn said...

You are too funny! We went to the fake tree this year, and I don't regret it a bit. I finally have the tree I always wanted (frasier fir) and now I get it every year! Also, speaking as a "retired" teacher, I can say I would have loved your gifts!

Patti said...

Wild and wacky is right! What a week! I raise my glass of eggnog to you as a toast to the aunt who throws one heck of a cookie party for the cousins. They'll remember this one for years!

Kim said...


You had me laughing so hard! Merry Christmas and enjoy your time with your family!