Sunday, December 30, 2007

Let Me Entertain You

My kids are in social over-drive. Our week has included 3 Christmas parties, going downtown to ice-skate with our cousins, going to see the movie "Alvin & the Chipmunks", going sledding at the neighborhood hill, and playing at least two board games each and every day. (The kids got five for Christmas and while we are a family that likes to play games, let me just say --- I am gamed out.) Poor Zach has done a lot of self-entertaining while the rest of us play Uno Attack, Operation, Clue, Doodle Cranium, etc. The house is finally starting to resemble a house again and less like the "place where Christmas threw up". :) My family celebrated on the 27th as we awaited the arrival of one of my sisters home from her trip to her in-laws in Canada and right before another sister headed to Mexico to visit her in-laws. We're such an internationally diverse family. :) (I guess one of my brother-in-laws is named Juan but goes by Daniel and is entirely Caucasian. If you call that diversity, then we got it baby!) My parents once again spoiled us with wonderful stockings stuffed with goodies and many great presents. As I look around my house & at my life, I am feeling extremely blessed. Which is a great feeling to have as we head into another January in Michigan. ;)

This is the best picture of my parents together. Check out the bow on my dad's forehead.

My goofy and lovable niece Mya. Cute girl, scary picture.

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Julie said...

We are truly blessed! Love the photos! I also greatly appreciate our date night gift! That was very thoughtful. See you tomorrow for football fest.