Thursday, April 10, 2008

Blog on Mommy!

The Wall Street Journal highlighted these blogs written by moms. The first blog is written by a mom of one. (Just one? Come on now! I should have three times the material!) Her hubby quit his job to manage all of the advertisers who want to post on her blog. Since one of her posts got over 500 comments, I'm not surprised he now works from home. Hmmmm ... I don't think I've ever even had double digits! Keep your day job honey. :)

For your reading pleasure?! I just picked a few and the determining factor was if I liked the name or not. Very scientific research, I know.


Patti said...

Scott saw the same article and told me to be more vulgar like the featured blogger and make some money.

And, just so you know, you have great material for a sober well-adjusted mom of 3!

Bradi said...

flipping hilarious, love the first one on the list