Monday, April 21, 2008


Step #1: Convince your child that he or she needs help getting that wiggly tooth out.
Step #2: Get the dental floss.
Step #3: Tie a lasso around the snaggletooth.
Step #4: Give it a yank.
Step #5: Have a piece of paper towel close by for the blood.
Step #6 (most important step): Don't forget to play tooth fairy or there will be tears. :)


Patti said...

#1 Check wallet for money
#2 Wait for Zoey to fall asleep
#3 Try not to fall asleep yourself, set alarm if needed
#4 Carefully do the switch
#5 Enjoy a fun morning of playing along!

Bradi said...

OH the first front hole in the mouth! That is such a prideful moment for a tween. =)
Congrats Zoey!

Amy said...

Are you saying you forgot and there were tears?? Oh been there done that!! She looks did my boys until those big ole honking front teeth start coming in!! Fun Stuff!

Michelle said...

#1 Check wallet for money and insurance card
#2 Drive to your awesome dentist's office
#3 Have dentist pull the tooth
#4 The tooth fairy can still come and we can bill the insurance company : )

Way to go Dr. Laurie, you're tough! It was great to see you guys the other night and she does look adorable with that little gap!