Sunday, June 29, 2008

All in a Day's Work

For inquiring minds like Jamie & Amy :) - we got rid of the slider because it was from the 1970's, made our room either the hottest or coldest room in the house, we were sick of always having the curtains closed because you never know when you need to do a quick change of clothes, we wanted a better wall to position our bed on and now can have wall sconces wired in, and finally, because we have another slider that is off the deck from our eating area.
Oh, and I think in the five years we lived here we used it five times.
Enough reasons ladies? ;)
9:00 a.m. the old slider is removed from our bedroom.

Window is installed with a new wall.

Siding going on pretty easily.

4:30 p.m. the outside is complete.

Next steps on the home-improvement to do list: insulate the inside, dry wall, wire in two sconces for either side of the bed, trim out the window, & paint the walls. Whew! Is that all?


MiniMe Mom said...

That looks beautiful, but am I missing something. Why did you take out the slider again?

Amy said...

Very cool FREE layout! Looks like a interesting project...but I'm with minime mom...why did you take the slider out??

Patti said...

You guys are always doing something over there at the Guikema house. We just watch with wonder and think to ourselves, yeah, we should be improving something. Yet, where do we start?

Great job, very cool window!

Kim said...

The progress is great! Can't wait to see the inside when it is all done! What is on the home improvement list once the bedroom is done?

Bradi said...

Wow! Nice work!
Love the new blog look too. =)

Amy said...

Works for me!!