Thursday, September 25, 2008

Can my kids be average?

In a world where each child is pushed to excel at everything they do at school, at home, or on the playing field, can I ask just one simple question; can my kid be average or does she or he have to be excellent at everything?

You forgot how to read certain musical notes over the summer? Get out the flashcards and practice before piano lessons next week.
You forgot some of your multiplication facts? Hey, we got flashcards for that too.
Go to soccer practice to improve your ball skills.
Don't forget to read every night.
Get an 'A' on your spelling test every week.
Here's a math sheet for homework.

I'll admit most days I want my kids to exceed, excel, be excellent. But I also want them to be a kid. Just a fun-loving, care-free, average kid.


Amy said...

Amen sista!! Most days I have to reign in my expectations and remember...I wasn't perfect either!

On the other hand just got a progress report for one of the boys...D+....WHAT!?!?!

Laura said...

Good reminder. Thanks Laurie.

Patti said...

In our district, average is actually pretty darn good!

But, sure seems like the bar is continually being raised. Keeping up is the hard part. I just don't want my kids to be stressed and start to dislike school and sports and music because of the pressure to do well.

Julie said...

I think we should celebrate the ordinary! God created them uniquely and delights in them. I always try to remember that HE loves them more than I do---that's an amazing thought!