Tuesday, September 09, 2008

How I Know

This is how I know that I sent a little boy off to school yesterday and not a little girl.
  • I had to remind him to try to hold in his "toots". (Seriously, it was our lunchtime discussion.)

This is how I know that I sent my baby off to school.

  • I was the only mom in the carpool line and since I was a few minutes early I asked the teacher if I was the first one. To which she responded, "No, most moms and dads are walking their child in for the first day." Alrighty then.

  • I stayed in my car. :)

  • I watched him run in all excited with his camo backpack looking like a little man.

  • I cried as I rounded the corner and drove away.
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    Amy said...

    He looks so cute and excited!! Now I'm curious...how did you spend your free afternoon!!