Monday, September 15, 2008

Professional Softball Family?

O.K. I never blogged about our family's crazy softball schedule this summer. M/W/F we were out on the softball field and the girls had fun learning how to play the game. (Their mom/coach had "fun" trying to teach them too!) The girls were very sweet but after yelling, "throw it to first, first base, first, go to one" and then watching them toss it to second, my patience was extremely tested. :) I also had one little player who after telling her to run out to her position, she stared at me and walked every so slowly out on the field. Grrrrr. I think I better wait a few years before I coach softball again. Maybe I should coach a sport I know nothing about ... Zoey's up to bat.

Paige's up to bat.

Crazy girls.


Amy said...

I think you should seek out a college team for your coaching desires and then just sit in the stands cheering for your own!! You crack me up...I like the new sexy background!

MiniMe Mom said...

Just wait until she plays co-ed and men WALK instead of hitting the ball. I seriously need to keep my mouth shut; I almost started a fight with the other team, it annoys me so much. It brings out the worst in me. sigh.