Friday, January 16, 2009

Is this thing on?

Alright people. I know I've been a slacker blogger now that I joined the newest obsession, facebook, but I still like blogging because it gives you the chance to not write in the third person (Laurie is ... ) and you can write something longer than two sentences. :)

So here's some funnies for you to laugh on and for goodness sakes --- leave me a comment already.

Zach is under the impression that God IS the sun. (He must like listening to Sara Grovers, "You are the Sun ... shining down on everyone. Light of the world ..." So when he sees the sun (which face it, is darn rare here in Grand Rapids) he will actually talk to it. This morning he said, "Hi God. How you doing." Then he asked me why God/Sun was following him all around the house.

He likes to talk about Barack Obama and when I asked him how he knew who that was he simply answered, "He won the competition."

Since Santa brought us a 2-liter of Mountain Dew and we finally opened it, Zach likes to ask for a sip sometimes. However, he calls it "Mountain Burp". I like it, it's catchy and accurate.

After losing something again in the house, I stormed around asking why people couldn't just leave MY stuff alone. I told Zo she was on my poop list and she quietly came up to me later and tried to pay me off with money out of her piggy bank. Apparently this girl thinks she can buy my love. :) I laughed and told her to keep her money and that I loved her.


Amy said...

Amy thinks Laurie is funny!! (I guess I have facebookitis!!

Michelle said...

Too cute!

Julie said...

I am glad you prefer blogging, because I don't do facebook. Too much chance for getting addicted! Cute comments---Zach is very bright! I like his view on things. :)

Amanda said...

Ha ha...still love your blog!